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The Manchester Soccer Academy starts on Saturday, September 9th. The program will run for 8 weeks; September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 14, 21, 28 & November 4 at Masconomo Park, Manchester. There will be NO Manchester Soccer Academy on October 7th (Columbus Day weekend). 

You will find below information about our program and also the basic format that is used as a guideline for each session.  Please print this page out because it includes some things you’ll need to know before the season starts as well as information you’ll find helpful throughout the fall program. Click on the appropriate grade level to see the schedule.

Looking forward to a fun soccer season!


Some things you’ll need to know before the season starts:                                          

- MSA will provide your child with a soccer shirt.

- Soccer cleats are recommended but sneakers are perfectly fine.

- All players MUST wear shin guards (under their socks). No child is allowed to play without shin guards.

NO jewelry is allowed. (No earrings, bracelets or necklaces). If you’re thinking of getting your child's ears pierced, please consider waiting until the end of the season.   

NO PLAYER DROP-OFFS at Masconomo Park are allowed.  

There needs to be a parent or guardian at the park at all times.


PreK/K (formerly U6) Program Format

There are two back to back 1 hour PreK/K sessions on Saturdays (first session starts at 1:00 and the second at 2:10) and the program is coed. All players will receive their academy shirt on day one and should wear it to each Saturday session.

Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before your scheduled start time. The program starts with a fun drill that will emphasize a soccer fundamental. After a few minutes the coaches will line up the players and split the group into teams of 3. The teams will play 3v3 for about 10-12 minutes and then rotate into another game of 3v3 with another group. There will be NO COACHING by parents, no assigned positions and no goalies. We will need you to help out with each session to keep things moving along by rolling a ball back into play once a ball goes out of bounds.

At this age the best way for children to learn soccer is to simply touch (kick) the soccer ball as many times as possible. We will be looking for parent volunteers to help out each Saturday so please be prepared to help. Towards the end of each session the coaches will bring the players together for a fun game for all to play.

Grade 1/2 (formerly U8) Program Format

There is one Grade 1/2 session for each gender. The boys’ session will run from 3:20-4:35. The girls’ session will run from 4:45-6:00. The format of the Grade 1/2 program is similar to PreK/K where the focus is on high touch but we also incorporate more of a team atmosphere with more game-type situations.

Each session starts with a fun drill for about 15 minutes and then the players break into teams for 3v3 or 4v4 games. At this level we introduce team formation and real game situations in order to prepare the players for our more competitive Grade 3/4 level.